Connect to Your Creativity.

About Us

“Bèl Moun” translates to “beautiful people” from creole, the native language of Haiti, which is our founder's ethnicity. The namesake comes from Jazmyne’s desire to connect to individuals in the Haitian community across the world when they gaze upon the brand name. 

The strength and beauty that resides in the island of Haiti and Haitian people is heavily implemented into our brand.  Bèl Moun Beauty was created with strength, boldness and uniqueness in mind. Our founder is dedicated to living out and in her own passions, day in and day out. BMB is a source where you can feel encouraged to do the same. Live out your dream, do what is therapeutic for you. For Jazmyne, that has always been expressing herself through makeup, music, fashion, and creating anything she desired. “BMB encourages people to feel powerful in their creations.” 

Express yourself unapologetically, fearlessly, and relentlessly. BMB is the empire that will always provide you with the tools to practice your own therapy through makeup.