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Whew, God Will Show UP

Okay, so I minimized my modern day & personal distractions, lowered my social media usage & prayed over particular areas of my life where I didn't see fruit. 

And lately I realized I have the best support system of friends, at work, and thank God for the family that I have. Certain elements aren't the way I would imagine them to be at their best, but a lot of things are in my control and to me I see my support system perfect as it is. I get to invest in my friendships and thankfully receive love in return. 

So this...

The Instant Millionaire Lesson #6

Absorb the task/object in front of you, with no distractions.

The Instant Millionaire


The Intand Millionaire Lesson #5

Let each mistake represents a thorn on a rose & will transform you into a magnificent petal. 

The Instant Millionaire, Audiobook


Love is Patient, Love is

Kind, love is sacrificial. In all that I am, I will lead with love first above all things.

Be Still and Know That I am God

Know what you want, ask for it, work towards it, and when all that you can do is done. Be still, remain calm, and invite God in, because He always will.