Connect to Your Creativity.


In another time In another Place

You really can't save them from themselves

I think I met someone cool

On my vibe with the mindset that we don't have to follow the rules

We do a lot of talking about would can & will be

I do a lot of action behind the life I want to see

But.... they seem a bit stuck and for the longest time I prayed from the pits of my gut "God please surround me with young and lively beings that want nothing more than to be & receive and live abundantly in our gifts" 

And I think I met...

Make Time

Imagine having the gift of life and not living it.


Under any circumstances within the day to day to-do's, remember to always make time before your 9-5 or 5-9 to do something that makes you feel alive. Avoid picking up your phone, go on a phoneless walk, pick up the guitar for even 15 minutes a day. Awaken your creative spirit because this here is a part of living. There is more to life than scrolling your mind numb.


Below is THE BEST video that I'm reminded of in this moment, which expounds on this mindset. SPICE THINGS...

The Instant Millionaire Lesson #2

A problem is a problem only if you make it a problem. 

The Instant Millionaire, Audiobook


My interpretation: view what one part of you may had called a problem, as an opportunity to find a solution. Solutions & opportunity are all around us. Think, who could use my service? Who can I help, that can also help me? Eliminate distractions so that 100% of your energy goes towards seeking your resolution.



Stay 10 Toes

Committing to yourself, and actually hitting your goals- whew- it's the craziest feeling. I'm just actively receiving God's will and as my work is showing off, it's shocking to fathom where I've been in comparison to where I am. But I remember, why not me? I am the best. I am loved. I am protected. I am guided. I have an amazing support system. I seek the help I need. I have so much love around me. From selective friends that bear fruit, to family that actually cares. Thank you God

Take Action

I used to think that listening to God was practically when God whispers, and you abide. I thought you literally would hear a whisper in your ear directing you on what to do/what your next step should be.


Maybe that's the case in some instances & for some people but sometimes, it's that unsettling feeling, that lack of peace that you once had. That conscious of knowing that you have to tell someone exactly how you feel or else you won't feel right. That's an example of God's whisper. Take action on that. Because once you do, you'll regain...