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Whew, God Will Show UP

Okay, so I minimized my modern day & personal distractionslowered my social media usage & prayed over particular areas of my life where I didn't see fruit. 

And lately I realized I have the best support system of friends, at work, and thank God for the family that I have. Certain elements aren't the way I would imagine them to be at their best, but a lot of things are in my control and to me I see my support system perfect as it is. I get to invest in my friendships and thankfully receive love in return. 

So this past week, I submitted to God- (I am due for a fast too) kept praying and before I realized it, I wasn't even listening to worldly music -which iykyk, it can be an ongoing battle detaching from that- throughout most of this week. Just absorbing myself in Victor Thomspon Music over and over. And by far, my career life has superseded my expectations; and it's only the middle of the month. 

I'm scheduling this post 6 months from today to see where I end up. But in this season, I wanted a lot of my growth to be in my career and there were things I had to strip away to do so. It wasn't easy but the results seem to be worth it. Thank you God for showing up beyond my scope. 

*Please note I was also very cautious of the power of my tongue in this past month and I can attribute that to God's word being right again. 

Thank you

Dec. 16, 2022.

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