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In another time In another Place

You really can't save them from themselves

I think I met someone cool

On my vibe with the mindset that we don't have to follow the rules

We do a lot of talking about would can & will be

I do a lot of action behind the life I want to see

But.... they seem a bit stuck and for the longest time I prayed from the pits of my gut "God please surround me with young and lively beings that want nothing more than to be & receive and live abundantly in our gifts" 

And I think I met one. And its been cool. But, is there actions behind their words or is it just a loose spool flowing from those lips? I wish for you that you actually make & do but I realize I'd be a fool for you to want more for you than you want for you. So, I think i met someone cool. I think it's one of my answered prayers. I know those I need around me will sourround me and if you're not the right one well I still pray you follow the sun. 

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