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Make Time

Imagine having the gift of life and not living it.


Under any circumstances within the day to day to-do's, remember to always make time before your 9-5 or 5-9 to do something that makes you feel alive. Avoid picking up your phone, go on a phoneless walk, pick up the guitar for even 15 minutes a day. Awaken your creative spirit because this here is a part of living. There is more to life than scrolling your mind numb.


Below is THE BEST video that I'm reminded of in this moment, which expounds on this mindset. SPICE THINGS UP ON THE DAILY. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO START AND BE MUNDANE.


I'm excited to be writing or "blogging", and I have faith in the impact of it. It adds a nice spice in my day to get my thoughts out. 

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