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I used to think that listening to God was practically when God whispers, and you abide. I thought you literally would hear a whisper in your ear directing you on what to do/what your next step should be.


Maybe that's the case in some instances & for some people but sometimes, it's that unsettling feeling, that lack of peace that you once had. That conscious of knowing that you have to tell someone exactly how you feel or else you won't feel right. That's an example of God's whisper. Take action on that. Because once you do, you'll regain that peace & that sigh of relief. You'll be able to unclench your jaw, and relax your fist. Listening to God is applying his word. Sometimes, for some people, it's a literal whisper. Sometimes, for a lot of people, it's knowing what's right according to His word and an unsettling energy during your day to day-knowing there's something to shake. 

Take action & know that there's freedom in obeying. Know that once you let go, there's always something better on the other side:)

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