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Change Your Life Instantly

"Change your life instantly," - no. But change your mindset and habits by opening your mind to The Instant MillionaireVery likely. Three key gems from the book that absolutely blew my mind this year. And also led me to take action to be this unbelievably divine person that I am.

1. Write down every single goal you have a specifically as possible- both financial and non-financial goals.

2. Repeat to yourself "Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better." I even revised the saying to "Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better at (insert your role).

I will repeat it and insert whatever fits in the blank up to 50x multiple times a day as advised in the audiobook.

3. Understand & plan exactly how much money you want to make. How much money do I want to make next year? Most people don't immediately know the answer. If you want to be "rich," shouldn't you know how much you want to make to acquire the financial goal you want?

Know where your money will go and what investments you will make that will compound in value, until you get to your desired amount.

Most people don't know how much more money  they want to make in the next year, and therefore don't plan for it. 


If you use your happiness, you lose everything. Most millionaires made millions because they loved their work. Remember, money is a SERVANT.


-Jazmyne Elyse


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