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The Instant Millionaire Lesson #3

High level of concentration yields to seamless success.

The Instant Millionaire, Audiobook


My interpretation: Eliminate distractions so that 100% of your energy goes towards seeking your resolution.


I can visualize myself in an energetic way. If I'm writing this blog post, and have my phone near me, my energy is divided between effectively writing & being on alert for a text from my closest friend. I can imagine my energy field being split and not as much attention/focus being given to something that really matters- which is growing this blog and sharing...

Change Your Life Instantly

"Change your life instantly," - no. But change your mindset and habits by opening your mind to The Instant Millionaire? Very likely. Three key gems from the book that absolutely blew my mind this year. And also led me to take action to be this unbelievably divine person that I am.

1. Write down every single goal you have a specifically as possible- both financial and non-financial goals.

2. Repeat to yourself "Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better." I even revised the saying to "Every day, in every way,...