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The Instant Millionaire Lesson #3

High level of concentration yields to seamless success.

The Instant Millionaire, Audiobook


My interpretation: Eliminate distractions so that 100% of your energy goes towards seeking your resolution.


I can visualize myself in an energetic way. If I'm writing this blog post, and have my phone near me, my energy is divided between effectively writing & being on alert for a text from my closest friend. I can imagine my energy field being split and not as much attention/focus being given to something that really matters- which is growing this blog and sharing wisdom with my audience, as well as expressing my thoughts. 


But if I lock my phone away for 45 minutes to strictly focus on the task at hand- that's enough time to not experience fatigue from this task at hand. Energy divided is no good, and unbothered, high focus can only yield to the greatest success. 


Action: Literally imagine your favorite color as a field of energy around you, and view yourself from a 3rd persons perspective, looking down at you. Now as your completing your day to day activities, where is your favorite color flowing to? Where is it leaving a stain? When you're working and your focus goes towards a potential partner, your splitting your energy.


This is kind of like really evaluating "the man in the mirror." Looking down at that person, are they really doing behaviors that are fruitful TOWARDS your success and the person that you say you want to be? 

The small habits you lean towards can add up to big ones, so be mindful of where your mental and physical energy- or your favorite color is spilling. 


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